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The Sunshine Diaries is an extension from my heart to the rest of the world. Photography has always been a tool for me to tell a story. This space was created to expand that platform to share even more with you.  

From mental health, adventure, travel, environmental, positive mindset and so much more I can't wait to dive into it all. 

More detail, more fun, more ideas The Sunshine Diaries was designed to light you up. I've been encouraged in so many ways to live my best life and I can only hope there is something valuable to take away for everyone here.


 The Sunshine Diaries works exclusively with humans trying to do a good thing. Be it social or environmental - we have the knowledge and responsibility to make this world a better place.

-By Morgan Wood -

Ethical lifestyle, freelance photography & blogging from Sydney, Australia

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All images are by Morgan Wood unless otherwise stated. 
©Morgan Wood, 2018